Video #3: Cover Reveal | OUR SWEET GUILLOTINE | Be an Advance Reader

Hello, everyone! I’m YA author, Mary Gray, of and I’m here to reveal the cover of my upcoming novel, OUR SWEET GUILLOTINE, which will be published at the end of April! OUR SWEET GUILLOTINE is about a young executioner who falls for the daughter of a woman he had to kill—and the daughter who wants to murder him. It’s a Young Adult gothic romance, in the vein of THE MADMAN’S DAUGHTER by Megan Shepherd or GRAVE MERCY by Robin LaFevers. Feel free to visit to read the full jacket blurb.

So, ready? Here’s the book cover!

Dane Low of created it, and I have to say he did an awesome job portraying the creepy, romantic tone. Gabriel, the young executioner, is actually very sweet and longs to escape his job, and Tempeste is a headstrong girl.

So if this sounds like something you would like, please comment to let me know that you’re interested in being advance reader! I would email you an ecopy of the book at the end of this month in exchange for an honest review.

And if you’d rather wait to purchase the ebook or print copy, that is always great too.

Thank you all so much for watching. I hope you all like the cover. Don’t forget to comment if you’d like to be an advance reader. See you next week!

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