A year and a half ago, I was talking to my sister about what project I should tackle next. I’d written Our Sweet Guillotine, and felt like it would be good to work on a project that I could write more quickly. I LOVE historical, but historical fic takes me YEARS to write.

And then, lo and behold, a really cool idea hit me: Cammie (my sister) and I should write a sisters’ take on the CW’s Supernatural. I wanted something that could be explained really easily, so this seemed like the perfect idea.

Hush, Now Forget is a dual POV novel about Eva (written by Cammie) and Frost (written by me). What began to be a vaguely neat idea has ended up being such a fun project, because I’m always so excited to see what Cammie writes. Her talent for writing humor and dark action scenes makes my day!

The book is the first in a planned series. So buckle up and read an adventure for fans of Sam and Dean. 🙂